portfolio of photography series and skills.

Photo Creative Direction

2020, Samples, Made in Quarantine 

Art Direction, Set Design, Fashion Editorial Photography, Prop Styling and Pose Direction

Samples from multiple photoshoots I creatively directed in terms of artistic style, concept, set design, props and model posing.

— Art Direction by Diana Eusebio
— Photography by Denzel Boothe
— Styling by Ashley Zephir


2020, Editorial Photo Series, Made in Quarantine

Photography to Illustrate Print Editorial Writing and Exercises, Art Direction, Set Design, Fashion Styling and Studio Lighting

The 2020 MICA Wellness Book is a curated set of exercises and stretches for artists.
Sometimes creating our artwork comes with the sacrifice of our health because our work is so dependent upon our body.

Book will be published and printed Fall 2020. 

— Photography, Styling, Photo Art Direction and Set Design by Diana Eusebio
— Book Graphic Design by Elizabeth Lueck
— Illustration by Fernando Martinez and Daria Burobina

Photography for Writing

2020, Samples, Made in Quarantine 


Photography to Illustrate Articles, Still Life, Object and “How-To” Photography, Collage and Editing, Art Direction, Prop Styling, Set Design and Studio Lighting

Samples of Still Life Photography and Photo Collage to illustrate an idea for an article, writing, or digital/print/social media.

1 // Coconut Water:

Heavily edited this image in Adobe Photoshop to add the coconut water being poured into the cup. Collaged an image of water being poured out of water bottle into the original image of the coconut and cup.

2 // How To Open a Coconut:

A series of images illustrating how to use a machete to open a coconut, after the water is poured out, in order to remove the white coconut meat.

3 // Life Cyle:

Illustrates the stages of a coconut’s life from “Young” green coconut recently fallen off the tree, “Mature” dried brown coconut that has been shaved, and “New Sprout” a very old coconut that has grown roots and has sprouted a new coconut tree.

MIRROR: A Reflection of the Black + Latinx Diaspora

2020, Editorial Photo Series based on Interviews

Portrait Photography to Illustrate Writing, Editorial Writing, Art Direction, Studio Lighting, Set Design and Fashion Styling/Design

“I was raised in a first-generation American home at the intersection of Peruvian-Dominican heritage and Black-Latino culture. With Spanglish (English with siblings + Spanish with parents) as our language of origin, the parameters of our intersectional identities were not easily defined. During my childhood identity crisis, visual media –TV, film, magazines and photos– were the only windows for referencing others that looked like me in hopes of finding myself through a reflection of someone else.Visual media were windows but did not turn out to be mirrors.”

challenges viewers, especially people of color, to not define themselves through stereotypes common in visual media instead to appreciate the complexities, intersections and nuances of one’s own story. The mirror is not facing out, but rather in.

*Six models  of the Black and Latinx diaspora were interviewed and asked “How do you want to be represented?”. The most revealing thing I learned from conducting these interviews was that many of the models had never been asked how they want to be reflected within visual media. Confirming that people of color’s stories are often times not realistically represented.

After every conversation I listened to the interview recordings to transcribe and edit their responses into a single quote that describes the essence of each persons identity and how they’d like to be represented in visual media. Once I studied their stories I began my favorite part of the creative process, interpreting each person’s story into photography by imagining visuals for abstract words and feelings.

— *︎Click on model to view each editorial photoshoot:

Taina Cruz, Asha Holmes, Yasin Parris, Marcellus Barnett, Karryl Eugene, Patricia Chevez

Nature + Animals

Samples, Made in Quarantine


Photography to Illustrate Articles, Editing/Coloring, Nature, Animal, Farm Life and Documentary Photography

Samples of indoor or outdoor photography of nature, animals, and farm life that can be used to illustrate articles/writing. Featuring 3 samples of playful color editing. 

Black + Red

2020, Editorial Photo Series
Based on Original Poem “Black and Red”, Made in Quarantine


Portrait Photography to Illustrate Writing, Editorial Writing, Art Direction, Studio Lighting and Set Design

Black and Red // a poem by Diana Eusebio

My hair is red. They say red is the color that’s always running.
Red water washes away every time I take a shower.
Or sweat.
It feels symbolic. Everytime I labor and sweat I’m making a mark, and everytime I shower I am washing away those bloody markings. Renewed and baptised.

Red water
Or blood?
Blood runs through our veins and makes our bodies run.
But it’s better appreciated when it's invisible.
A figment in our understanding of human anatomy.
When it’s unleashed, it is dangerous. Spewing out of us, dripping like an hourglass timer.
A countdown to death.
I prefer my blood invisible, hidden within me.
But I’ve seen so much Black bloodshed that even red water in the shower reminds me of Black death.

Red is my favorite color.
Red is a symbol of passion and love.
But can also symbolize danger or hate.
Black and Red are a beautiful pairing of colors. My favorite pair of colors actually.
But my mind can’t stop running. I think of what it means to be Black and Red in America.

Sci-Fi // Study Abroad

2019, Editorial Photo Series


Portrait Photography to Illustrate Writing, Editorial Writing, Art Direction, Studio Lighting, Set Design and Fashion Styling/Design

Within the top 100 sci-fi films: only 8 have a protagonist of color – 6 of 8 are Will Smith. If you added up all of the students of color within each of class during my semester abroad in Italy: there were a total of 8 students of color – 3 of 8 were me. The lack of diversity within study abroad classrooms and sci-fi genre films should not be taken lightly, since it reflects America’s reluctance to represent and imagine diversity in not only in fiction but in reality.

To promote proper representation, I casted a diverse group of models that were also students in the study abroad program to create a 6-part editorial photo series. Each of the 6 characters within the image compare a “traditional sci-fi trope” to a “study abroad stereotype” particular to each model’s experience as an American student: each image is titled accordingly: “sci-fi trope //study abroad stereotype”. These images allow us to recognize representation issue yet reimagine the future: the fictional (yet impactful) future of sci-fi and the realistic future of international, American education.

— *︎Click on model to view each photoshoot

Grace Kwon as Robot // “Where Are You Really From?”
Amina Sillah as Alien // Alienation in the Classroom
Karryl Eugene as Accidental Time Traveler // Rewritting Art History
Samantha Vassor and Diana Eusebio as Evil Twin // Ambiguous Brown
Alexis Sanford as Maybe Devil? // Anarchist American
Jason Greenburg as Super Hero // The Vortex
© Diana Eusebio 2020