MIRROR: A Reflection of the Black + Latinx Diaspora

In 2022, I was fortunate to be awarded a studio residency at the Anderson Ranch Art Center in Aspen, Colorado as part of Oolite Arts Home + Away Travel Residency Program.

During the residency, Oolite Arts selected my work to be showcased in a solo exhibition at the ArtBase in Aspen, Colorado from February 12-March 9, 2022. My ongoing photo and textile series, “MIRROR: A Reflection of the Black + Latinx Diaspora,” “reflects” stories of the Black and Latinx diaspora from across the world. Since 2019, I have photographed and interviewed people from Italy, Pakistan, Perú, Morocco, Mexico, Spain, and various cities in the United States from Los Angeles, Aspen, Baltimore, Richmond, and Miami.

MIRROR, preserves contemporary stories and ancenstral histories from the Afro-Latinx, Black, and Latinx communities and prompts honest conversations around community, inclusion, and love.

︎ Roles: solo Exhibiting artist + ARTS EDUCATOR

Community outreach programming

Drawing inspiration from the photography and the red color theme of my solo exhibiton, I organized a fun photography workshop for local students from Basalt High School. It was hosted at the ArtBase in Colorado and sponsored by Oolite Arts.

The workshop was conducted in my first-language, Spanish, since all of the students were of Latinx descent and had recently immigrated from Latin America.

We had a blast!!! In one of the classrooms, I designed an all red set complete with red props: hats, sunglasses, clothing, books, fabrics, and stuffed animals for the students to hold and pose with as they were the ones being photographed.

I could feel the excitement on set as for most of the students it was their first time being exposed to a professional photography set and having their photo professionally taken.

By the end of the workshops and classes, students and even teachers felt they were “reflected” in MIRROR, comfortable, and inspired by art.

© Diana Eusebio