For Chromat’s 2021 fall fashion campaign, the images I took center around the label's iconic color palette —striking reds, cobalts, and fluorescent yellows— all while interacting with nature. 

The strong Afro-Latinx and Caribbean heritage found in Miami was a major source of inspiration for the campaign. It was essential to honor the fluid environment the artistic community down south has created, leading creative director Nadia Wolff and I to actively seek out Black and genderfluid talent to elevate our vision, from models, photo assistant, and all the way to the hair and makeup artist.

"I feel our stories are underrepresented and are just now being 'accepted' and 'understood' by society," Eusebio said. "Fashion photographs can be anything you want. They can be a fantastical and surreal world where you can be unapologetically Black." Read more about the fashion campaign in Paper Magazine and Vogue Italia.





© Diana Eusebio