PRIZM Art Basel Miami

PRIZM Art Fair is the only participant of Miami Art Week dedicated to showcasing contemporary artists from Africa and global African diaspora. Miami Art Week attracts over 70,000 people each year in early December.

As a Photography Fellow for the 2019 PRIZM Art Fair, I directed the visual content creation, social media marketing and press in preparation for and during the art fair.

To reach our target audience and drive ticket sales, I lead the creation of videos and photos for posts, stories and live streams on PRIZM’s social media platforms. My photo work was shared with the marketing teams at Forbes, Hypebeast and Hypebeast Art and published on their social media platforms and websites, exponentially increasing our reach.

︎ Roles: Director of Photography and Videos for Marketing, Press and Publications, Social Media Content Creator 

Photography for Social Media + Press

Samples of the photos I took of pieces of art at the 2019 PRIZM Art Fair, these photos were created to be used on PRIZM’s social media and for press.

Photography for Digital Publication + Press

The photos were not only published in Forbes, Hypebeast and Hypebeast Art’s social media platforms but also on their websites to accompany articles, driving our reach and ticket sales.

Hypebeast 9.2m followers

Forbes 4.8m followers

PRIZM 4k followers

© Diana Eusebio