DE Colores ︎

celebrates the racial diversity and artisans within Latin America.

Select images of creation process: from research, process,sketches, runway, photoshoot and look book.

9-look collection. FW2018. 
Garments handmade,styled & photographed by Diana Eusebio.

Selected to show in the 2018 MICA 25th Annual Benefit Fashion Show, Roots & Raices Festival, & Dovecote Cafe.
Featured in Baltimore Style Magazine & Footwear News Magazine

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DE Colores models racial variety within the Hispanic community, unified through garments inspired by the *Manta, a symbol of Latin America.

As a first-generation American and Afro-Latina designer, born to Peruvian and Dominican parents in Miami, FL, DE Colores deals with her intersection of identity. DE Colores clarifies the racial diversity, colorism and common appropriation within the Hispanic community. Lifetime topics that the designer has been researching through her artwork.

<--*Manta is a traditional woven textile native to many Latin American countries. Its bright colored stripes are sought after around the world; however, in the fashion industry it’s only a "tribal" print, neglecting its origin and cultural significance.

For many Afro-Latinos, daily life can come with conversations and explanations about their identity.

Black is the racial group, while the pan ethnic identification of ‘Latino’ refers to language, culture, and nation of origin.

Latino identity just does not match the standard American configuration, and applications ask if we are Black or Hispanic, forcing us to choose only part of who we are. We grapple with a constant state of acceptance from both cultures. We are invisible because when people speak of Latinos, they have in mind a particular stereotype of Latinos – physically, culturally, racially – and that doesn’t necessarily match our reality.

The racial diversity within the Hispanic community is represented by the diversity of models within DE Colores. They are unified through their garments inspired by the Manta.

Models pose wearing DE Colores after the runway