MIAMI Magazine, September 2019 issue 
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Assisted Stlying the four “2019 Women of Style” for the 9 page spread.

The lack of diversity within study abroad classrooms and sci-fi genre films should not be taken lightly, since it reflects America’s reluctance to acknowledge and imagine diversity.

To promote proper representation, I casted a diverse group of models to created a 6-part photo series.
Each of the 6 characters compare a traditional sci-fi trope to a first-hand study abroad issue (TITLE: sci-fi trope //study abroad trope). These images allow us to recognize this problem and reshape our futures: tClhe fictional (yet impactful) future of sci-fi and the realistic future of international, American education.

Garments ········ Diana Eusebio
Styling ········· Diana Eusebio
Photography ····· Diana Eusebio
Created ········· Spring 2019