MIAMI Magazine, September 2019 issue 
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Assisted Stlying the four “2019 Women of Style” for the 9 page spread.

The lack of diversity within study abroad classrooms and sci-fi genre films should not be taken lightly, since it reflects America’s reluctance to acknowledge and imagine diversity.

To promote proper representation, I casted a diverse group of models to created a 6-part photo series.
Each of the 6 characters compare a traditional sci-fi trope to a first-hand study abroad issue (TITLE: sci-fi trope //study abroad trope). These images allow us to recognize this problem and reshape our futures: tClhe fictional (yet impactful) future of sci-fi and the realistic future of international, American education.Click image to view Modern Luxury Media Kit

Click image to view Miami Magazine Media Kit

Garments ········ Diana Eusebio
Styling ········· Diana Eusebio
Photography ····· Diana Eusebio
Created ········· Spring 2019