Fashion Design Archive

Roles: Fashion Designer, Photographer and Creative Director.

FW18 Catalyst: Co-directed the 2019 MICA Annual Benefit Fashion Show. In collaboration with the Center for Identity and Inclusion– administered team of talented fashion and graphic designers, organized meetings and deadlines, developed the show’s theme, name and brand identity.

SS18 DE Colores: a 9-look collection– photographed, designed, patterned, sewn and styled by Diana Eusebio– debuted at the 2018 MICA Benefit Fashion Show. DE Colores addresses colorism and appropriation of Latinx and Afro-Latinx culture. Inspired by the Manta, a traditional woven textile native to Peru, DE Colores celebrates the racial diversity of Latin America.

SS17 Mucho Ojo: a 5-look capsule collection designed, patterned, sewn and styled by Diana Eusebio. Inspired by the phrase "mucho ojo", a Latinx parents proverbial saying meaning "be careful” expressing the way family always looks out for one another.

FW17 Apricity: a 9-look collection designed, patterned, sewn and styled by Diana Eusebio and Shelby Slayden– debuted at the 2017 MICA Benefit Fashion Show. Apricity explores the feeling of nostalgia both Eusebio and Slayden feel toward their upbringing in Miami. 

SS18 DE Colores

SS17 Mucho Ojo

FW17 Apricity

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