Fashion Design Archive

An archive of the 2017-2019 fashion shows I either organized as a Director or fashion collections I created as a Fashion Designer, such as for the MICA Benefit Fashion Show. Read up on my work in the “at a glance” section below or scroll down more to check out the process of my work from each year.

︎ Roles: Fashion Designer, Photographer and Director.


Mission & Vision of MICA Annual Benefit FAShion Show

Founded in 1993, the MICA Annual Benefit Show was created through the Black Student Union. Currently it is organized by the Maryland Institute College of Art’s Center of Identity and Inclusion.
The goal of the show to provide a platform for artists of color to express their creativity through fashion or wearable art. All proceeds of the show are applied to future student scholarships through the Center.

At a glance:

After two consecutive years of participating in the MICA Benefit Fashion Shows as a fashion designer, I went on to become the Co-Director of the 2019 MICA Annual Benefit Fashion Show.
We were responsible for producing the show, which involved everything from selecting fashion designers to participate, developing the show’s theme, name, administering a team of graphic designers to create the shows brand identity, and planning meetings, deadlines and finances. 

I was a Fashion Designer in the 2018 MICA Benefit Fashion Show. My 9-look fashion collection, named “DE Colores”, was debuted at the benefit show and later was showcased at 2018 Roots and Raices Festival.

I collaborated with fellow Fashion Designer Shelby Slayden, together we designed a 9-look fashion collection named “Apricity”. It was selected to debut at the 2017 show, we were the only freshman designers selected that year.

After “Apricity”, I created an extra 5-look capsule collection with a personal touch. Designed for myself and each of my family members. Named after the phrase "Mucho Ojo", a Latinx parents proverbial saying meaning "be careful”, expressing the way family always looks out for one another.

SS18 DE Colores

DE Colores, is a 9-look collection designed, patterned, constructed, styled & photographed by Diana Eusebio. It was selected to debut at the 2018 MICA Benefit Fashion Show and showcased at the 2018 Roots & Raices Festival. Featured in Baltimore Style Magazine, Bmore Art Magazine, and Footwear News Magazine.

Watch the finale of the live runway show below.

DE Colores at the 2018 Roots and Raices Festival

DE Colores addresses the intersections of identities, colorism and appropriation common within Latinx and Afro-Latinx communities. As a first-generation American and Afro-Latina designer, born to Peruvian and Dominican parents in Miami, these are lifetime topics I’ve been researching through my artwork. 

Afro-Latinx identity just does not match the standard American configuration, and applications ask if we are Black or Latinx, forcing us to choose only part of who we are. Black is the racial group, while the pan ethnic identification of ‘Latinx’ refers to language, culture, and nation of origin. We grapple with a constant state of acceptance from both cultures. We are invisible because when people speak of Latinos, they have in mind a particular stereotype of Latinxs – physically, culturally, racially – and that doesn’t necessarily match our reality.

The racial diversity within the Latinx community is represented by the diversity of models within DE Colores. They are unified through their garments inspired by the Manta.

A Manta is a traditional woven textile native to many Latin American countries. Its bright colored stripes are sought after around the world; however, in the fashion industry it’s only recognized as a "tribal" print, neglecting its origin and cultural significance.

The process of creating the DE Colores collection is shown below. It explores multiple textile design and fabric construction methods, from knitting garments with multi-colored yarns, designing digital repeat and engineered prints on Adobe Photoshop to print on fabrics, along with traditional felting and surface applications.

DE Colores was so heavily influenced by the Manta and my Peruvian heritage, that it was important to highlight traditional Peruvian artisans. I worked with my grandmother in Peru to source and ship the artisinal accessories from Peru to the U.S., beanies, blankets, hats and ponchos were used to style the collection.

SS17 Mucho Ojo

A 5-look capsule collection designed, patterned, sewn and styled by Diana Eusebio. Created with a personal touch: designed for myself and each of my family members.

Inspired by the phrase "Mucho Ojo", a Latinx parents proverbial saying meaning "be careful”, expressing the way family always looks out for one another.

FW17 Apricity

Apricity is a 9-look collection designed, patterned, sewn and styled by Diana Eusebio and Shelby Slayden– debuted at the 2017 MICA Benefit Fashion Show.

Watch the finale of the live show below.

Apricity explores the feeling of nostalgia both Eusebio and Slayden feel toward their upbringing in Miami.

Apricity by definition is “the warmth of the sun in winter”.

This sensation encompasses the personal life experiences of the artists, as they have each matured in a tropical environment and typically associate bright colors, light, and plant forms with nostalgia for their home in Miami.

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